Monday, 7 July 2014

AUPE off line stalking and intimidation

Our replacement care staff has been amazing.  The amount of abuse they are putting up with as they go in and out of Artspace is horrifying, yet they are still willing to put up with it to take care of our members.  The security vehicle gets mobbed and they are mocked and insulted incessantly - and the picketers are quick to include others in their obnoxious attacks as well.  They will hold the vehicle up for an hour; I'm told the longest it's been held up is 2 1/2 hours, though I have only been able to verify 2 hours, so far.  This can prevent Artspace user members from getting the care they need, such as being transferred out of bed so they can go to work, having a meal, getting dressed, help in the bathroom/shower, and all the other little things necessary to allow our user members to live independent lives, that the rest of us tend to take for granted.

Or, it prevents replacement workers from the previous shift from being able to go home.  The replacement workers are doing 12 hour shifts, instead of the 8 hours shifts our care staff had been getting.  This means the replacement workers can end up working 15 hour shifts, due to all the delays caused by the picketers.

Of course, the striking care staff knows exactly the care they are preventing by keeping the replacement workers held up for so long.  Obviously, they don't care.

The security meets the replacement staff at a pre-arranged location, then drives them in, so that they are protected from the picketers, at least from physical violence, if not verbal violence.

What has happened, unfortunately, is that the picketers hunt them down and discover where these pick up and drop off locations are, and leave "presents" to show  that they have been there.

Like this, found taped to a replacement worker's car.

Screaming "scab" at them constantly is bad enough, but to find that the same people who mob you day after day, falls into stalker territory.  Yet it's not as bad as this.

A replacement worker came back to find a photo of themselves attached to their car.

This was the union letting the workers know that they are watching them - stalking them - well off the picket line.

Check this out, from the bottom of the page.

That's right.  This was printed from an AUPE webmail account.

Also found was a Filipino newspaper.  Several of our care staff, as well as replacement staff, are Filipino.  Leaving the newspaper is another intimidation tactic, demonstrating that they know personal information about the replacement worker being targeted.

And all with the obvious approval of AUPE.

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