Saturday, 2 May 2015


Things have been quiet on this blog - as they should be! - for a long time, but with the election coming, we've seen quite a surge of visits.  To our new visitors, welcome, and we hope you find our experiences enlightening and useful.  For those returning, welcome back.

For those visiting the posts about the NDP, there's just a bit we should clarify.

During the siege on our home, people wrote to all levels of government and all parties.

None of them stepped up to the plate.  Not a single party was willing to stand up for us.

However, of all the parties, only the NDP, both federal and provincial, actually had elected members show up at our home, not to protect our community from harassment, but to join in and support it.

Someone pointed out to us that AUPE gives the NDP party 25 cents a month, per member.  That translates to about 21, 250 a month.