Thursday, 8 October 2015

To our new visitors

Well, I guess it's no surprise that we are seeing another uptick in traffic again, and that it's almost all about the NDP, what with the election going on right now.

As mentioned before, we want to make it clear that no political party showed any willingness to stand up for our community against the abusive behaviour at our home.  None.  Only the NDP actually came out here and took part in it.

In the time since, we as a community are still in recovery mode.  We've had another sudden death that has shocked and grieved all of us, and there is another member in the hospital.  So, since January, we've had two deaths and two long term hospitalisations (as far as is known right now, both people are still in the hospital as of this writing, and one may never recover enough to come home).

It's not unusual for us to lose members like this every year or two; not all in less than one year.  We can't help but wonder how much of this can be attributed to members of our community simply no longer being strong enough to respond and recover to health challenges as they used to.  We did warn on this blog, time and again, that the level of stress and anxiety caused by the actions of the strikers at our home could compromise people's health on a long term basis.  For the strokes, this writer has no doubt that this is a contributing factor.

Meanwhile, we keep chugging on.  Our children have been able to play safely outside our homes for an entire summer again.  People can go out on their balconies and enjoy the weather and sunlight (medically necessary, for some of us).  Out door social activities we had to skip last year were back, and more are being planned.

Conversations still find their way back to the strike all the time.  Sometimes, it's only to express relief that the dispute is over and we can do something as simple as look out our windows again, walk our dogs or otherwise enjoy our space.  Others mention surprise that, even after all this time, they are still affected.  Going out in the early morning, before the sun is up, and still getting that feeling of dread and expectation that we will get verbally harassed.  Driving around the corner and still getting that sinking feeling in the pit of our stomachs, expecting the crowd to be there, in front of the high rise entrance, blocking the driveways, sauntering across the street.

We're working together, though, as a community, to help each other out.

Because that's what communities do.

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