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May 2014

VUE Weekly May 15
Picketers not going anywhere
By Mimi Williams

Edmonton Journal May 16
Strike ends but tension persists at housing co-op"
By Keith Gerein
(dead link as of Oct. 7, 2014)

Global News May 16
Lockout of striking home care workers declared illegal by labour board
By Kendra Slugoski. With files from Kendra Slugoski, Brett Barrett

Edmonton Sun May 17
Union cries foul over Edmonton care facility lockout
By Allison Salz

Artspace Member May 2014
Response to Edmonton Sun “Union cries foul....”, May 17

Edmonton Sun May 20
Some Residents Scared of Returning AUPE Workers
By Trevor Robb

Edmonton Journal May 20
Dispute rages at Edmonton housing co-op after health-care aides locked out
By Keith Gerein

Edmonton Journal May 22
Strike akin to personal attack
Letter to Editor by Ken Thomas

Edmonton Journal May 23
Patronizing and Bullying” Letter to Editor
by Heidi Janz

Edmonton Journal May 24
Drawn into funding spat
By Mark Wells

630 CHED May 25
 “Ongoing labour dispute leads to mock funeral
By Kirby Cohler

VUE Weekly May 31
Reply to “Picketers not going anywhere
By Lorna Thomas

June 2014

AUPE News June 13, 2014
SAIL Board incompetency leads to two labour board complaints

CBC News Mobile Jun 25
SAIL picket line upsetting some residents - 30 health care aides off the job since May 8” – print version
No author/editor listed
(dead link as of Oct. 7, 2014)

CBC News Broadcast June 25
AUPE Picket Line upsets people at Artspace Housing Co-op
from Lorna Thomas
Short article and video from CBC

Boyle McCauley News June 2014
AUPE Strike at Artspace” page 3 (pdf)
By Merryn Edwards

Edmonton Journal June 30
 Monday’s Letters: “Slap in the face for disability advocates
Heidi Janz Opinion letter



July 2014

Canada Day – July 1



City TV coverage as posted on our blog (also contains AUPE clip)

Edmonton Journal July 2
Opinion Letter by AUPE VP Karen Weirs in response to Ms. Janz
AUPE Defends its record


Edmonton Journal Opinion Letter written by Heidi Janz to July 14
(as of July 26, 2014 the Journal had not yet published this):

City TV – July 11
Here is the link City TV – Breakfast Show and the story is at 3 minutes, 41 seconds.

AUPE Response to City TV coverage July 11
Footage of SAIL lockout biased and dated
Media release

AUPE “Direct Impact” member newsletter Summer 2014
Adrift: SAIL boards demands for unequal treatment of staff steers negotiations into troubled water
By Tyler Bedford – open PDF at this site Cover and pages 12-14

Edmonton Sun July 13
Edmonton Housing Co-op scene of bitter labour battle
By Kevin Maimann

Artspace Member response to Sun article July 19
Bad Journalism” UPDATED

AUPE July 25
Strong at SAIL
Media Release

AUPE News July 29, 2014
SAIL staff accept mediated contract, labour dispute could end this week

Edmonton Journal July 29, 2014
Health care aides agree to collective agreement after months off the job
By F. Buchanan

August 2014

SAIL Media Release Aug 1, 2014
SAIL Unable to Accept Mediator’s Recommendation

AUPE News Aug 1, 2014
SAIL rejects mediated contract, extends labour dispute indefinitely

Global News Aug. 1 2014
Edmonton independent living board rejects mediated contract
Slav Kornik

Edmonton Journal Aug. 1, 2014
Strike Continues for SAIL health care aides after failed negotiation with AUPE
By K. Magi

CBC Aug. 1 2014
SAIL rejects mediator's report on ending lockout

CBC Aug. 1 2014
Radio interview with Roxanne Ulanicki

Edmonton Sun Aug. 1 2014
Supports for Artspace Independent Living expected to grind on
By Matthew Dykstra

AUPE News August 5, 2014
Vehicular assault on SAIL picket line caught on video

Edmonton Sun August 6, 2014
Edmonton Police probe strike confrontation at Artspace Housing Cooperative
By Pamela Roth

AUPE News August 7, 2014
AUPE files bargaining in bad faith complaint against SAIL

AUPE News August 8, 2014
AUPE seeks to reinstate illegal lockout complaint against SAIL

Edmonton Journal Aug 8
SAIL accused of bargaining in bad faith by AUPE
By Daren Zomerman

630CHED/ iNews880/ CISN August 8, 2014
Residents “collateral damage” in labour dispute
By Jeremy LyebTop story and interview with Sheila Walker (15 minute interview)

AUPE News Aug. 18 2014
100 days at SAIL

Edmonton Journal August 28, 2014
Thursday Letters
Aiming for equality
By Karen Weiers, AUPE vice-president

Problem rests with AHS
By Carol Wodak, Sherwood Park

September 2014

Edmonton Journal September 26, 2014
AUPE sues tweeter, blogger in $500,000 defamation suit
By Ryan Cormier

Global News September 27, 2014
AUPE files defamation lawsuit against blogger, politician, well-known social media figure
By Caley Ramsay

The Riverdalian, September 2014
100 Days Under Siege
By Lorna Thomas September 28, 2014
Best of Luck, AUPE: I think You’re Going to Need It

Beacon New September 28, 2014
Kathleen Smith claims AUPE using SLAPP lawsuit designed to muzzle critics September 28, 2014
"How does anything go back to normal at Artspace?"

Breakfast TV CITY TV September 30 2014
Web News
Showed Kathleen Smith
Ran at 6:00 a.m.
at 4:39 - 5:36 minutes into the video news.

Web News
Ran at 7:00 a.m.

Web News
Ran at 8:00 a.m.
at 3:00 - 4:05 into the video news.

630 CHED September, 29 2014
AUPE pursuing its lawsuit against blogger, politician and social media personality.”
By Joel Lefevre

October 2014

630 CHED RADIO October 1, 2014
Interview with Ian Young/ Sheila Walker on September 31, 2014
 “Residents living day-to-day with heated labour dispute as SAIL pickets continues
By Jeremy Lye

Edmonton Journal October 1, 2014
Use the hammer of the courts sparingly

AUPE News October 1, 2014
A note on AUPE’s defamation suit

Edmonton Journal Friday’s Letters October 3, 2014
Law a shield, not a sword” response to Oct. 1 Editorial
By Mark Wells

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